how to choose brand colors

What color is right for my brand?

how to choose brand colors

How to choose brand colors

how to choose brand colors

brand colors

Let’s explain why the term color and brand are in the same sentence as seen above. Colors aid brand awareness and build a sustainable brand image. This means that a consumer can easily identify your product through the color.

Also, brand colors have an effect on how your products and services are perceived. Colors are important in logo design, product packaging and communication messages from your brand.


Colors are beyond simple aesthetic appeal. Over the years, colors have been associated to imply specific meanings/ personality traits. This is where the psychology of color plays in.

Furthermore, this is why we can say colors are influential design elements. They have implications on consumer’s minds. They impact the way they perceive brands. They can also be determinants for the purchase of a product.

Although, some colors have been tied to some particular meanings or to cause particular emotive responses. Truth is based on context, personal experience, culture, upbringings, colors have different effects on individuals.

Colors and consumers

They have a powerful effect on consumers emotions. Emotions in turn play a major role in consumer behavior.  

Choosing the right color for your brand

brand colors
brand colors

Firstly, you need to understand your brand personality. You cannot pick your brand colors solely because it’s your favorite color or a friend likes it. It has to be rational and informed decision.

Therefore, for it to be an informed decision, you have to identify your brand personality. Ask questions like What are the traits I want my brand to be known for? Or How would I describe my brand? Answers to these questions would give you at least 3 traits you want your brand associated with. It could be calm, trustworthy, affordable etc.

Secondly, you have to pick a core color based on the brand personality traits you identified. This is where you check out the colors and the traits they have been associated with.

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Other thoughts about choosing the right color;

  1. The right color appeals to your audience (male or female).
  2. The right color is appropriate for your brand.
  3. The right color differentiates the brand
  4. The right color has the right name


  1. These are some point to keep to mind;
  2. Colors are important in branding.
  3. Identify your brand personality.
  4. Research which colors connote your brand personality.
  5. Pick a core color.
  6. Contact solid fiction

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