Partnering with talents and tech to give above and beyond support to ambitious Founders/CEOs.

Partnering with talents and tech to give above and beyond support to ambitious Founders/CEOs.

about solid fiction

Our Mission

Partnering with talents and tech to give above and beyond support to ambitious Founders/CEOs.

Our Vision

Transitioning as many visionary small businesses into large-scale corporations leveraging technology and talent.

Our north star

At Solid Fiction we believe there is no successful large corporation that exists today without dedicated support from its team. The right team makes the dream work. However, we have seen many small and medium business owners remain stagnant due to bad hires, limited funds, and DIY-ing. If these small and medium businesses which are vital to every country’s economy should grow, they need above and beyond support. This is why Mr. and Mrs. Adeoro have teamed up to create a solution that gives you(Founder/CEO) access to fast-quality project deliverables at a price that works for you.
solid fiction

A digital team on your mobile phone

We are re-imaging how CEO’s and Founders handle digital tasks for their businesses. Solid Fiction brings ease and growth powered by technology to business owners worldwide.

Our tool (Solid Fiction) gives every business owner access to a digital team on their mobile phone. A team of niched experts, creative thinkers, avid designers, etc. ready to do those digital tasks for you. With Solid Fiction, you would no longer suffer time constraints, endure time-consuming learning curves, get drained from managing too many staff, or be worried because of scammers. You get more time to focus on other tasking parts of building a business as well as family or any current life engagements.

Our Focus

We believe we can unlock fast growth for every business owner resting on these three pillars.

  • The right talent

    Every Founder/CEO that partners with Solid Fiction gets unlimited access to fully managed expert tech assistance to grow their dream business with ease.

  • Taking advantage of digital technology the right way

    We are currently in a digital world and it’s only right you don’t ignore this fact. We have witnessed businesses experience rapid growth because they took advantage of digital the right way. Hence, the majority of our assistance is focused on helping your business thrive in this digital world.

  • The right resources

    We think of resources as anything that takes you to the next level. Solid Fiction is dedicated to bringing your way whatever it is you may require to move your business forward. We currently prioritize using our social media platforms to bring you relevant information.

Core values

Impact lives

As we continue our work, we focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, ensuring women founders thrive in this digital world, and providing job opportunities for African youth.

Team spirit

Accelerating growth through intentional teamwork.

Security conscious

Deliberately putting structures in place to protect clients’ records and peace.


CEOs/Founders don’t always have things easy and we know that. We” ll also show that we care.

Our Impact

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