Women’s beauty brands trend guide for beauty entrepreneurs in 2022

Women’s beauty brands trend guide for beauty entrepreneurs in 2022

Are you a beauty entrepreneur searching for the current trends in your industry? Great, you are at the right place. Join us today as we point out a few things some notable beauty brands are doing to gain relevance in the industry.

In case you are asking yourself why you should bother with trends, here is why. Keeping abreast with trends helps you remain guided. The keyword here is “guidance” not “copy”. You want to learn from what other brands are doing and refine it to fit your audience. Not all trends would work for your business and that is fine. No matter what, you should always put your audience first. Meeting their needs should come before any competition.

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Beauty Pop-Up

Its post-pandemic. Places are opening up and avid beauty lovers are looking to have immersive experiences with beauty brands. Whether you are launching your brand or a new product line, choosing an innovative way to connect with your audience is a great idea. 

Rare Beauty Pop-up.

What can a pop-up do for your brand?

A virtual/physical pop-up store can either run for days, weeks or months. No matter the duration, choosing to do a branded pop-up should benefit your brand in these ways;

a. It will help you get familiar with your target audiences’ preferences.
b. If your audiences are expressive, you might just end your pop-up with the next big product idea.
c. A creative pop-up will increase your brand’s visibility/awareness. Whatever you do, ensure your space is Instagrammable.

Glossier Space

Get more user-generated content for your brand with an instagrammable branding.

d. A physical pop-up can guide your next store location.
e. A branded pop-up helps you express your brand which in turn leads to a great connection with your target audience.
f. Get the attention of media houses. An exquisite location and an out-of-the-box idea can get you free media features.
g. Get your products sold out.

Pop-up ideas

In 2022, we have seen several international beauty brands such as Rare beauty, Sephora, Armani, Pacifica, Freck, Huda beauty, etc. utilizing pop-ups to give their target audience a great experience with their brand.

Are you considering having a branded pop-up? Here are some ideas;

  1. Get an influencer talent
  2. Host masterclasses/tutorials
  3. Include engaging games
  4. Share goodie bags
  5. Have a mobile tour
  6. Launch a new product

Live Shopping

Think shoppable entertainment. Live shopping/Live commerce hinges on displaying products and customer interaction. As a customer is viewing your live stream, they also have the option of adding items to the cart without exiting the live stream.

Why you should consider live shopping

Live shopping is a home shopping channel but digital. Your beauty brand can host a live shopping and expect these results;

  1. Increased brand recall
    Consumers are hungry for new experiences and would remember brands that appeal to that desire. With the overwhelming number of social media platforms, short attention span, and information overload, brands that are working to improve customer experience holistically will win.
  2. Lower return rates
    Live shopping shows are interactive and educational. The two-way nature of live streaming gives consumers the ability to make better-informed decisions. Returns rate from live streaming shows are 40% lower than the traditional e-commerce channels.
  3. Increased sales
    Whether you are hosting a live streaming show to either promote your brand’s bestseller or launch a product, get it done well. According to some analysts, the most successful streams can capture sales from 10 to 20 percent of your audience.
  4. Generate trusted consumer insights
    Irrespective of whatever method you decide to host your live shopping, don’t compromise on getting data. Self-hosting: hosting a live shopping on your brand’s website generally presents a better opportunity for data capture. Seek a solution that gives you access to enhanced analytics.
  5. Attract a new target audience sector
    Giving live shopping a try may end up putting your brand in front of a new set of audiences different from your original audience. The interactive nature of livestreams and the opportunity for creativity, and storytelling allows your brand the opportunity to attract new consumers. Get your live shopping show to be entertaining and watch it get shared by your audiences.

How to approach live shopping

  1. Have a goal
    Your brand’s goal for hosting a live shopping show can vary from either selling your best sellers, selling old stock, getting feedback, or launching a new product.
  2. Select your live shopping platform
    Would your brand be seeking to use dedicated live shopping platforms or apps, self-host, or use social media platforms with built-in shopping capabilities?
  3. Choose a brand associate or influencer
    Your host should have a great understanding of your products to be able to connect with your audience.
  4. Market
    Don’t use your entire budget to get influencers. Work smartly with your budget. Engage paid ads, emails, podcast mentions, influencer mentions, etc. to drive anticipation and excitement towards the show.
  5. Give a seamless experience
    Since your show would be in real-time, ensure to get a lot of preparation done to avoid disappointments. You can invest in getting an on brand story line, scripts, and hosts/influencers that are familiar with your product. Don’t forget to ensure your tech setup gives your consumers a frictionless experience between their entertainment and purchase.
  6. Repurpose content
    If you aren’t streaming simultaneously on different platforms, get a recording of your live stream. You can share clips or the entire live shopping show via newsletters, social media, brand’s website. Up to 70% of sales from live streaming happen after the event.

A thousand and more beauty brands exist in different markets. What would make yours stand out?

Every beauty entrepreneur should seek to create immersive experiences for their customers. Plan and execute an experience that would leave your customers buying out your products and gaining more visibility for your brand.

Are you trying out adopting any trends for your brand? Let us know in the comment box.

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