Canada Plug

Ship between Canada & Nigeria

User description:

A Nigerian Canadian who runs multiple businesses alongside her corporate job had a tough time using Shopify for her second business. Therefore, when she wanted to launch Canada Plug, she sought for another company that has a great customer service and could build a tailored digital solution for her business. Her daily engagements didn’t afford her the luxury to patronize another website builder company. Therefore, she went for a company that would run on her instructions, take initiative and build the right digital solution for her business.

Brand information:

Canada plug is a logistics company birthed out of a desire to reduce international logistics fees for Nigerians in Canada. In 8 months, they have served several individuals and expanded their service offerings. Their current services include personal shopping, gifting, third party payment, and shipping between Nigerian and Canada.

Engaged services:

Branding (visual identity retouch) Technology (Website development, CMS, Integrations & API’s, E-commerce), Digital Experiences (UX design)

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