Protean Tresses

Premium Hairline Brand

User description:

Asides from being the founder of Protean Tresses, she is also a lawyer, mother and wife. Starting her hairline business in 2021, she wanted to build a brand identity, create promotional content, have a website that gives her business a professional look and create a seamless experience for her customers. Up until she used Solid Fiction, she struggled with getting the above-mentioned things done for her business. Asides from the time constraint issue, she had also encountered poor deliverables.

Brand information:

Protean Tresses is a brand partnering with women on their journey to self-discovery through their collections of top raw hairs and wigs. This brand aims to restore confidence to victims of cancer, alopecia, etc. and empower women to feel beautiful.

Engaged services:

Branding (visual identity, brand guides) Content (editing, copywriting, voice-over) Technology (Website development, CMS, Integrations & API’s, E-commerce), Digital Experiences (UX design)

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