The Art Collaboration

Art & Fashion

User description:

A student in Canada and founder of an art community had previously encountered poor deliverables for “The Art Collaboration”. After the disappointment, she took up the challenge to build her digital solution herself. However, her time constraints and lack of knowledge hindered her from making any tangible progress. She was introduced to Solid Fiction by a mutual friend and it’s been growth since then. She desired a branding that would communicate everything the business stood for and she got that.

Brand information:

The Art Collaboration is a platform committed to the growth of artists in Canada. One of their goals is aimed at increasing the jobs offered to the youths and young adults in the art and fashion industry.

Engaged services:

Branding (visual identity, brand guides) Technology (Website development, CMS, Integrations & API’s, E-commerce), Digital Experiences (UX design)

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