Skip the norm and Invest in her dream

You love the idea that your partner wants to build something. Since she shared her business idea with you, your heart has been jumping for joy. However, you haven’t found the perfect way to invest in that vision. Well, we’ve made it easier for you to show this side of yourself.

Getting her a “Solid Fiction Gift Card” gives her access to a digital team that is caring and competent. We take off the stress that brings her to second-guessing or shutting off the idea/ business. Together, we birth and grow her dream business at the best prices. 

Here is what a Solid Fiction Gift Card gets her:

  • 5% discount on any services to be paid using the gift card

  • Access to a digital team ready to work with her.

  • Free 45 mins virtual consultation with her future team manager

  • Access to any branding, development, and marketing services.

Examples of our work

Social media content created for our users

Websites & apps built for our users

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have decided to express your love by investing in her dream, you will get an email address containing a coupon code she can use to pay for our services.

We understand she will need time to muster up the courage to birth her dream business. Hence, our gift cards are valid for 3 months after the date of purchase.

Our plan is to help her birth and grow her dream business not kill it (Lol). We like to say our prices are the best prices out there. It’s a worthy investment in your business. Still, you can view the prices here

We are excited you are skipping the norm and doing You. So after you purchase the gift card and receive the details, inform her and she can reach out to us whenever she is ready. Don’t forget our validity period.

Definitely! When you are purchasing the gift card, insert the recipient’s details instead of yours.

We can help her get any design, development, or digital marketing tasks done. Think logo design, website design/development, social media management, etc.

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